About Us

Vitae Essentia is a small family owned business established in early 2008 under the name of Ladybug Soapworks. We have recently changed our name and modified our business approach to focus on using all natural ingredients in our products. Vitae Essentia offers luxurious handmade soap crafted in Connecticut. All soap is created in small batches to ensure the best product gets to our customers. As always, we strive to provide you with the best possible product and customer service. We make every effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle when it is possible.

The purpose and meaning of Vitae Essentia:
My story: I have always been interested in making beauty projects. I can remember trying to make lip balm and candles in my dorm room in college. I needed something fun and creative to take my mind off all the biology and chemistry homework that I had. I started making cold process soap while in grad school in 2007. As you might imagine, working on my Ph.D. was stressful and that resulted in not only a need for a creative outlet, but also a bad case of eczema. I dove into soap making with the hope that tossing out the commercial synthetic detergent "soap" and replacing it with real soap made from gentle oils would help my eczema improve. My skin is much better now and the addiction to soap making has never been stronger!

A few words about the name Vitae Essentia:
Vitae Essentia is Latin for essence of life. This name is in line with the purpose of this shop. My goals are to create a product line that is made from only natural ingredients. I want to take the essence of pretty flowers and turn them into sensual perfume. I want to capture the beauty of nature and use it revitalize our own beauty. This is the purpose and meaning of Vitae Essentia.